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Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

E-Portfolio Tips

Dr. Helen Barrett

Dr. Helen Barrett recently retired from the faculty of the College of Education at the University of Alaska Anchorage and is living in the Seattle area. She has been researching strategies and technologies for electronic portfolios since 1991. She has information on electronic portfolios and portfolio development on a variety of websites.

LaGuardia Community College

A collection of e-portfolio samples as well as "how-to" sites. Although some of the information is specific to LaGuardia Community College there is also a lot of information that is useful to organizing your portfolio and seeing the variety of ways it can be constructed.

Portfolio Library

Martin Kimeldorf is a teacher and an author. He has written several books and articles on the topics of work, leisure, journal writing, community service and portfolios. His website illustrates several types of portfolios including career and professional portfolios in addition to explaining how PLAR candidates can resolve challenges they may experience on their way to portfolio completion.

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