Business Card Orders

How to order business cards

To order cards, simply open and complete this fillable PDF form, save it and then send the PDF to This will become the file that Print Services uses to print the order. Please note that the PDF fillable form works best when used with Internet Explorer or Firefox web browsers.

To show authorization for the business card order, as noted below in the Administrative Policy, please print out a copy of the PDF form, obtain signed approval, and send it via internal mail to the CEP Printroom.

Given the size of a standard business card, space for information is relatively limited, so you may need to be selective in the information you choose to include. A special note to those working in international markets: you can enter the +1 country code if you wish.

Card orders will be reviewed by Print Services for consistency before they go to press. If you have any questions about the ordering process or the content of your business card, please contact the Print Room at 604-792-0025 Local 2382 or

Administrative Policy

This policy will assist in ensuring that position titles which are noted on UFV business cards reflect the title of the position for which the person was hired.

In this policy, the following definitions will apply:

  • Business cards: UFV business cards
  • Individual with signing authority: The person authorized to sign business card purchase requisitions.

When ordering business cards the following guidelines must be followed:

  • A UFV duplicating request form is submitted for the cards, noting the correct name and title of the person requesting the cards; or by attaching a previous UFV business card.
  • Anyone can sign off on a business card order, provided the following conditions are met:

    1. The person approving the business card order supervises the employee making the request, and has signing authority on the relevant budget account.
    2. The person approving the business card order can confirm the title requested for the business cards corresponds with the job title on record with HR.


Titles on Business Cards

Faculty: Please use one of the following structures for your title:

  • Option 1: Name and degree on line 1. Department or school name on line 2 (or lines 2 and 3 for longer department names).
  • Option 2: Name and degree on line 1. The title "Assistant Professor", "Associate Professor", or Professor on line 2. Department or school name on line 3.
  • Option 3: Name and degree on line 1. "Instructor" on line 2. Department or school name on line 3.
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