Be the cream of the crop

Be the cream of the crop

There is no better place in Canada to study agricultural science than the fertile Fraser Valley, with its rich soil, diverse farmlands, and strong agri-food economy.

UFV's four-year Bachelor of Agricultural Science with a Horticulture major helps you develop the perfect mix of technical, communication, and business skills to prepare you to play a leading role in the region's agricultural sector.

In the state-of-the-art Agriculture Centre in Chilliwack, B.C., you learn the latest practices in greenhouse management, berry and vegetable production, soil analysis, pest control, and farm management, and gain essential laboratory skills. In addition to growing your knowledge of natural sciences and agriculture, you also hone transferable skills — highly prized among employers — such as problem solving, independent thinking, data interpretation and analysis, and scientific and report writing.

Hands-on field and laboratory coursework provides you with real work experience and deepens your awareness of environmental, economic, and social factors affecting agriculture and food production in the world today. The opportunity to complete a semester-long industry practicum or research project further enhances your employment prospects.

As a graduate of the program, you are equipped to launch a career in any large-scale greenhouse or agribusiness operation. Or you may opt to pursue graduate studies to earn specialized skills.

Career Outlook in Agricultural Science

High quality soils, a moderate climate, and accessible water, combined with proximity to large markets, make the Fraser Valley a hub for agricultural production and agribusiness. In fact, the Fraser Valley Regional District reports that the Fraser Valley ranks #1 in B.C. based on gross farm receipts. In Abbotsford alone, the agriculture sector contributes more than 11,000 jobs and $2.2 billion to the economy, or about 35 per cent of the total gross domestic product generated in the city. In Chillwack, an estimated 29 per cent of the economic activity relates directly to agriculture.

Employer surveys indicate that there is a strong market demand for trained Bachelor of Agricultural Science graduates who have applied, technical, and business skills to fill management positions in the agricultural sector. Job opportunities range from small niche markets to large-scale greenhouses and farm operations, including positions in agribusiness companies, research and testing labs, government agencies, industry associations, consulting firms, parks, nature preserves, botanical gardens, and more.