Integrated Studies

Build your managerial skills within a flexible degree program

Build your managerial skills within a flexible degree program

You’re ready for a new career challenge – becoming a great manager. You need skill-building courses to help you get there. You also need a flexible degree program that supports your unique career goals.

The Concentration in Applied Management is a great fit for both current and aspiring managers. You'll dig into topics such as communication, creativity, finances, ethics, and operational excellence. Scenario-based and experiential activities will build your confidence as you apply your learning.

Because it's offered within the Bachelor of Integrated Studies program, you have flexibility. You can customize the rest of your degree courses to fit your interests and career focus. It's common for BIS students to receive transfer credit for prior education and experience. You can study either part-time or full-time, and applied management courses are offered fully online.

Career outlook for Applied Management

Competent managers are in strong demand. The BC Labour Market Outlook identifies management roles requiring a degree on the list of high opportunity occupations for 2021-2031. The report anticipates strong job openings for managers across a range of industries: business, construction, health care, social and community services, agriculture, government, and more.

Between 2021 and 2031, over 44,690 management roles will become available to qualified people who hold a bachelor’s degree in BC alone.

Managers also enjoy strong earning potential. Depending on the industry, managers can expect to earn a median hourly wage of between $29 (accommodation services manager) and $64 (senior managers — financial, communications and other business services.)