School of Business

Let your career take flight

Let your career take flight

Trained pilots with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Aviation not only have the potential to become outstanding captains, they can also assume management responsibilities for an airline or airport. Canada's aviation industry needs talented analytical thinkers who can spot trends, identify risks, and tackle complex challenges. As a UFV School of Business graduate, you are prepared to enter the dynamic world of business and aviation.

This unique program recognizes the hard work and expertise that go into your pilot training, awarding you academic credit towards your BBA degree. You'll complete ground school and in-air flight training at a flight school of your choice. Transport Canada then assesses you and awards Aviation licenses and ratings that allow you to fly a variety of aircraft in varying conditions. Required Transport Canada licenses and ratings include Private Pilot’s license, Commercial Pilot’s license, Instrument Rating, and one of Multi-Engine Rating or Flight Instructor Certification. Your pilot training is flexible. You can switch flight schools if needed, and you can complete your training before, during, or after you take your UFV courses.

On the business side, you'll complete a series of academic courses to develop your knowledge and skills in accounting, management, marketing, communications, economics, and more. Beginning Fall 2022, you have the option to apply to UFV's co-op program, where you can complete paid work terms in a business role in or outside the aviation sector.

Upon completion, you are a professional pilot, ready to provide leadership both on the ground and in the air.

Career Outlook for Aviation

According to Boeing's Pilot and Technician Outlook, between now and 2032, demand for pilots will grow, as airlines across the globe expand their fleets and older pilots retire. The largest growth in pilot demand is projected in the Asia Pacific region, with a need for 192,300 new pilots, 77,400 of them in China alone. Europe will need 99,700 pilots, North America 85,700, Latin America 48,600, the Middle East 40,000, Africa 16,500, and the Commonwealth of Independent States 15,200.

After graduation, you may fly planes for corporate travel or charter flights for one of Canada's 800 on-demand aviation service providers. Once you have flight hours under your belt, you may fly jets for major airlines or serve as a corporate jet captain. You can also leverage your administrative skills to pursue a career as an airport administrator or operations manager.