Faculty of Science

Explore the frontiers of science

Explore the frontiers of science

Science is moving forward faster than ever before — and humanity needs science more than ever to meet the challenges facing the planet.

Get ready to play a role in the next scientific breakthrough by earning a Bachelor of Science (BSc). UFV offers majors in Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Mathematics, Physics and Physical Geography. You can also complete two minors in these subjects, with the additional options of Computing Science and Statistics.

For those wanting to attend grad school, UFV offers honours degrees in Biology, Physics, Mathematics, or Physical Geography. To diversify your employment opportunities, you can opt to combine any BSc major with an Arts, Kinesiology, or Business Administration minor.

In addition to being one of the most lab-intensive university science programs in B.C., UFV's Bachelor of Science provides you with the opportunity to participate in field trips, field schools, and study tours. You can also take advantage of study abroad opportunities and paid co-op work semesters throughout your studies to expand your horizons and get work experience.

Not only that: you can apply for a student research position — not a common opportunity at the undergrad level — in fields such as molecular science, genomics, ecotoxicology, discrete mathematics, theoretical particle physics, luminescence dating, paleoecology, sustainability and more. You may find yourself presenting your research at scientific conferences or co-authoring a paper with one of your profs.

When you graduate from UFV’s Bachelor of Science, you are scientifically literate, trained to think critically, and fully equipped with lab and research skills to tackle further education or to launch a career in a scientific field.

Career outlook for science

Science skills are central to a variety of education and job opportunities. For most science jobs, you need at least a bachelor's degree, but some need a master's degree or even a doctorate.

Fields that are in highest demand in Canada include computer science, math, engineering, natural and applied sciences, data science, and statistics. Job opportunities exist in government agencies, research and development firms, tech startups, health organizations, environmental consulting companies, manufacturing industries, laboratories, food processing plants, telecommunications firms, biotechnology firms, mining companies, and more.