Stand out with strong communications skills

Stand out with strong communications skills

Employers across disciplines and industries seek employees who can communicate information effectively for different audiences and purposes.

As part of a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree, you can earn a minor in Communications while majoring in another discipline. UFV’s Communications minor gives you an edge in a competitive job market because it helps you polish your skills in public speaking, writing, and information literacy. You can advance further in any career and industry if you have the ability to craft clear and concise messages across a wide range of media.

Depending on your course selection, you may also develop skills in storytelling, advocacy writing, technical writing, survey research, facilitating, and more.

To gain real-world experience, try your hand at broadcasting right on campus by volunteering with CIVL radio, UFV student radio. Or get yourself published by becoming a contributor to the Cascade, UFV student newspaper. You can also take advantage of optional paid work placements with the UFV Co-operative Education program to graduate with real work experience, a network of contacts, and references for other employment or graduate school.

Career Outlook for communications minor

Thanks to innovation in digital and telecommunication technologies, today’s information society is more connected than ever before. As a result, graduates who can create, edit, and present content effectively, become valued employees in any organization.

Media and communications skills are becoming essential for an increasingly wide range of roles in human resources, sales, customer service, hospitality, education, business, marketing and more. That's why adding a Communications minor to your Bachelor of Arts degree is a valuable asset on your résumé, regardless of which career or industry you choose.