Stand out with strong communications skills

Stand out with strong communications skills

Employers across disciplines and industries seek employees who can communicate information effectively for different audiences and purposes.

As part of a UFV Bachelor of Arts degree, you can earn a minor in Communications while majoring in another discipline. UFV’s Communications minor gives you an edge in a competitive job market because it helps you polish your skills in public speaking, writing, and information literacy. You can advance further in any career and industry if you have the ability to craft clear and concise messages across a wide range of media.

Depending on your course selection, you may also develop skills in storytelling, advocacy writing, technical writing, survey research, facilitating, and more.

Career Outlook for communications minor

The Communications minor will be valuable to you regardless of which career you choose; effective communications skills will give you that edge you're looking for to land a job in a variety of fields.

Graduates may seek to find work as communications, marketing, or public relations specialists. The information, culture and recreation sector in British Columbia is expected to produce 59,100 new job openings between 2018-2028. Industries looking to hire professionals with exceptional communication skills range from publishing to broadcasting and telecommunications.