School of Computing

Launch a career in information technology

Launch a career in information technology

Start working as an IT professional in less than a year with a UFV's Computer Information Systems (CIS) certificate.

The CIS certificate is designed to provide you with basic knowledge and skills to meet the needs of small companies that require employees with computer and network knowledge. As part of the program's strong emphasis on practical work, you get to apply what you learn in the classroom on hands-on projects in UFV's well-equipped labs.

The CIS certificate provides you with a lot of flexibility: you get to choose 30 credits from degree offerings to suit your educational and career goals. You can explore a range of topics in network and database administration, web design, network security, information systems management, and programming. Or you can choose to zero in on your main area of interest.

Add select courses in communications and business to prepare to build customer, vendor, and  team relationships in the workplace.

Take courses offered in the evening to continue your studies while you work and earn a UFV Computer Information Systems diploma or a UFV Bachelor of Computer Information Systems degree.

Career outlook for information technology

The BC Stats Report shows that British Columbia’s technology sector is strong and growing. Average weekly earnings for technology employees are 85% higher than for non-tech workers in British Columbia and the unemployment rate has reached an all-time low. New technology companies are developing and B.C. continues to out-perform all other provinces in venture capital investment per capita.

Depending on your course selection, you may find yourself working in areas such as web support, user technical support, or computer support. You can use your skills in a small company to maintain their computer systems, while also providing support for computer applications, such as inventory control or accounting. The expertise you gain through the certificate will enable you to have technical conversations with employees or suppliers in order to make the right decisions regarding information technology purchases or development.