Creative Arts

Grow your writing skills

Grow your writing skills

From Charles Dickens to J.K. Rowling, creative writing is one of the world’s oldest and most beloved art forms. Today as much as ever, writers tell stories to inform, entertain, engage, and inspire.

UFV’s Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor or extended minor in Creative Writing helps you turn your passion for writing into a career. You have the opportunity to explore a wide range of writing genres such as fiction, drama, poetry, and screenwriting to help you hone and focus your own work. You benefit from UFV’s small class sizes, which create a supportive environment for critique and feedback, and provide an excellent breeding ground to develop your creative writing skills.

You can choose to pair a Creative Writing extended minor with a Visual Arts major as part of UFV’s Bachelor of Fine Arts program. Or, combine your extended minor in Creative Writing with another extended minor in one of four other fine arts disciplines, including Art History and Visual Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Theatre, and Visual Arts.

To gain writing and editing experience and build your portfolio while you study, join the editorial board of Louden Singletree, UFV's student-run literary and visual arts magazine. Or become a contributor to the Cascade, UFV's student newspaper. Or take advantage of optional paid work placements with the UFV Co-operative Education program to graduate with work experience and references for other employment or graduate school.

Career Outlook for Creative Writing BFA

Thanks to emerging technologies in the book publishing industry, writers can reach readers both in print and online. Digital books are now accounting for 20% of most publishers’ sales revenue. E-readers have reduced inventory and distribution costs (always high in a country as large as Canada), eliminated returns, and increased direct-to-consumer sales.

The demand for writing and editing skills within both traditional and new media is growing. Graduates can find work in publishing, journalism, freelance writing, marketing, business, media and communications, and education. Firms working in new technologies also look for writers to fill positions as web producers, content strategists, and technical writers.

BFA graduates who have creative talents in other fine art disciplines, can combine their artistic and writing skills to excel in creative occupations like the motion picture industry, art gallery and museum work, broadcasting, performing arts, photography or entertainment.