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Learn about migration issues and help rebuild lives

Learn about migration issues and help rebuild lives

According to the UN Refugee Agency, 28,300 people are forced to flee their homes every day because of disaster, violence, or persecution. When they settle in a host society, they bring with them their culture, language, religion, and way of life. In their new land, they often form a distinct community that maintains its own identity.

UFV’s 21-credit Diaspora Studies certificate focuses on the study of the migration and resettlement of people across national borders in response to historical, political, and social forces. You get to examine the profound implications of vast global movements of people, ideas, and resources and develop nuanced insights into the logistics, debates, policies, and legal perspectives that arise as a result.

The certificate offers you two options: one option is composed entirely of academic course work; the other provides you with an internship or service learning experience to enrich and complement your academic studies.

The Diaspora Studies certificate is a valuable addition to a Bachelor of Arts: combine it with a major in Sociology, Global Development Studies, Geography, Anthropology, Peace and Conflict Studies, Criminal Justice, or Child and Youth Care to add weight to your résumé when you apply for migration-related graduate work or for jobs in public service, community development, social policy, counselling, immigration and settlement, restorative justice, international development, or social entrepreneurship.

Career outlook for diaspora studies

In a world where nearly 20 people are forcibly displaced every minute, studying migration issues can help you become more compassionate and informed, both in your personal and work life.

Because Canada is a country that opens its borders to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, insights from the certificate can prove essential if you are considering a career as a school teacher, counsellor, immigration officer, career counsellor, youth advocate, not-for-profit worker, humanitarian worker, fundraiser, church worker, and more.

Featuring a Diaspora Studies certificate on your résumé can also open the door to a career within the increasing number of organizations concerned with migration issues, such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), government bodies, community services, humanitarian relief organizations, and intergovernmental organizations like UNHCR, NATO, World Health Organization, and others.