Become a deft communicator

Become a deft communicator

Build up your communication skills, critical thinking, and cultural awareness, while exploring the rich tradition of English literature, from Chaucer up to contemporary fiction.

UFV offers four English major options within its Bachelor of Arts: in addition to the traditional English major in English Literature, the major is available with a concentration in Creative Writing, Drama, or Writing and Rhetoric. UFV also offers honours programs in both English and Creative Writing, and minor and extended minor in English and Creative Writing.

Select from a wide range of courses in English, Canadian, American, and world literature. Take advanced courses in cultural studies, genre theory, composition, rhetoric, creative writing, linguistics, and literary theory.

To gain writing and editing experience while you study, join the editorial board of Louden Singletree, UFV's student-run literary and visual arts magazine. Or become a contributor to the Cascade, UFV's student newspaper. Or become a peer tutor, research writer, or social media guru for the Academic Success Centre. Or take advantage of optional paid work placements with the UFV Co-operative Education program to graduate with work experience and references for other employment or graduate school.

When you graduate, you have become an expert communicator, ready to take on a leadership role in today’s workforce. UFV's English program is also excellent preparation for graduate school, UFV's Teacher Education Program, and the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) certificate.

Career Outlook for English grads

According to Workopolis, writing and communication skills are the top two most sought-after skills in Canadian job postings. This is no surprise: employers can teach hard skills; but what they need are creative, articulate people who can tell the stories that drive a company’s success.

In fact, people who are good with words are in demand: job-data firm Payscale highlights 14 types of jobs with income above $60,000 — all the way up to six-figure salaries — for which English majors are unusually likely to be hired. Some of these jobs are in traditional sectors such as editing, writing, and public relations. But the tech world is also hungry for creative talent. Tech firms are on the lookout for content strategists, web producers, and technical writers — all ideal jobs for English majors.

Ultimately, communication and critical thinking skills are relevant in every occupational field. UFV English program graduates have gone on to successful careers in education, publishing, broadcasting, law, politics, public service, business, and the arts in Canada and abroad.