Planning, Geography, and Environmental Studies

Make your mark on the world

Make your mark on the world

Want to make sense of the wonderful mosaic of cultural, physical, and biotic features that is our world?

Study geography to explore the link between people and their environment and take wide-ranging forays into history, politics, economy, culture, and science. Geography's emphasis on addressing real-world issues, such as immigration, climate change, economic trade, land use, and sustainability, can lead to a career where you have a positive impact on the world.

UFV offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a minor, extended minor, major, or honours in Geography. The program provides you with a comprehensive introduction to human, physical, and regional geography. In the last two years of your Geography major, you can choose to specialize in Environmental Science, Global Studies, or Urban Studies and Planning to prepare for a specific field of employment.

As a geography student at UFV, you have the opportunity to work with expert faculty to pursue original, lab- and field-based research as early as your first year, in topics as diverse as urban planning, food security, global development, and climate change. In addition, optional paid co-op work placements throughout your studies can help you gain valuable work experience and get references for employment or graduate studies.

Studying geography is an excellent option if you are planning to move on to graduate studies in geography, environmental studies, international development, urban planning, or a related field. It is also a great choice to prepare to enter a Bachelor of Education.

Career Outlook for geography

Globalization and climate change require that government agencies develop a greater understanding of the places, people, and natural systems that affect the planet. This is why a Bachelor of Arts with a Geography major is excellent preparation for public sector employment, particularly with local and provincial departments responsible for policy innovation and implementation. Many UFV Geography grads have used their training to work in urban planning, land management, environmental consulting, policy research, and community development, both with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

You can also leverage the strong research, critical thinking, and writing skills you've acquired as part of your Geography degree in other areas of employment such as education, tourism, publishing, market research, transportation, logistics, and more.