Master the art of event planning

Master the art of event planning

Very few careers offer responsibilities as varied and interesting as those of an event planner.

Duties range from menu planning to budgeting, research to team management, procurement to scheduling, marketing to decorating, customer service to audio-visual production, and more.

Event planners are organized, creative, and detail-oriented. They plan and execute events as diverse as product launches, festivals, conferences, trade shows, competitions, grand openings, weddings, anniversaries, fundraisers, galas, conventions,  travel tours, rallies, award ceremonies, film premieres, fashion shows, concerts, and parties of all kinds.

UFV’s Hospitality Event Planning certificate fully equips you to plan, promote and run professional events in this growing industry. You learn about business management and accounting, marketing and public relations, food handling, beverage serving, and event logistics. To complete your studies, you participate in a four-week practicum to gain experience, make industry connections, and build your professional network.

As a successful graduate, you are qualified to work in hotels and resorts, destination marketing organizations, tour companies, food and beverage outlets, tourism associations, convention centres, cruise ships, and facilities such as golf courses, theme parks, and sports or entertainment centres. 

Career outlook for event planning

Event planning is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing rapidly, with opportunities in a variety of fields, including business, entertainment, non-profit, government, hospitality, tourism, and marketing. Event managers have the flexibility of starting their own business, working for an event planning agency, or finding in-house employment with a non-profit organization or private company.

WorkBC predicts that this occupation will grow by 7.4% bwtween 2017 and 2022. British Columbia has become increasingly popular as a tourist destination, both domestically and internationally. This will improve demand for workers in this occupation, as the desirability of B.C. tourism sites increases.

Event planners who have gained experience managing a wide range of events may move to administrative and managerial positions as senior planners, team managers, or marketing directors.