College of Arts

Follow your interests and find your fit

Follow your interests and find your fit

Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? Follow your interests and explore many disciplines in the liberal arts to help find your fit before you commit to a specific path of study.

A two-year Liberal Arts diploma gives you the opportunity to sample from a broad range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, while opening the door to complete a Bachelor of Arts at UFV or transfer your credits to another institution.

You can take classes in subjects as diverse as criminal justice, economics, sociology, global development, visual arts, theatre, cultural studies, media arts, political science, communications, and more.

Because UFV is a teaching-oriented university with small class sizes, you have easy access to instructors for help and advice. This can be a big advantage if you wish to transfer to a larger, more competitive school and need to achieve high grades.

When you graduate, you are trained to think critically and are equipped with the writing, communications, and presentation skills that are in high demand in the marketplace and essential to succeeding in any further studies.

Career outlook for Liberal Arts diploma

A diploma in Liberal Arts appeals to employers who need well-rounded candidates with good analytical and communications skills – starting in customer service, administration, or sales.

Mastering special skills such as public relations, sales, social media marketing, web design, or computer programming can open up additional employment opportunities.

Options also exist to pursue further studies and launch a career in arts, education, counselling, law, politics, or finance.