Mathematics and Statistics

Numbers can change the world

Numbers can change the world

Sometimes dubbed the “language of the sciences,” mathematics offers powerful tools to drive technological and scientific innovation.

In the last century alone, mathematicians and statisticians gave us the keys that unlocked incredible advancements in Internet security, CAT scans, mobile technology, and modern computation.

UFV’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics teaches you to leverage the power of numbers to change the world.

UFV’s dedicated professors support you as you learn to solve real-life problems with the specialized mathematical software used in industry, business, and academia. They are also available at the Math and Stats Centre to help you outside of class.

When you graduate you know how to build useful applications by applying mathematical techniques and you are equipped to start working on the next great discovery in any given field.

Your Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics shows employers that you know how to think. Your analytical and logical skills, combined with the ability to conduct research, analyze data, and use math to solve real-world problems, are highly valued in fields as varied as business, engineering, or high technology.

Career Outlook in Mathematics & Statistics

A twenty-year study conducted by Statistics Canada reveals that people who study mathematics earn as much as graduates in business administration or health sciences, and are not far behind the highest earning graduates in engineering sciences.
Mathematics and statistics can open the door to a satisfying career in a variety of paths such as actuarial science, computer science, cryptography, or finance. Many employers do not have the in-house mathematical or statistical expertise to develop their enterprise. In consequence, math skills are highly prized in a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, mining and oil, public administration, and professional, scientific, and technical services.
Teaching mathematics at the K to 12 level is also a great career option. Because an overwhelming number of candidates come from the humanities, qualified math applicants have a distinct advantage when they seek admission to UFV’s Teacher Education program.