Open doors of opportunity in science or health

Open doors of opportunity in science or health

Get a broad, high-quality foundation in the Sciences in a supportive environment where you can achieve the competitive grades required to enter a professional program in the fields of science or health.

Taking an Associate of Science degree at UFV gives you an edge, because UFV is a teaching-oriented institution with small class sizes and lab-intensive programming. Having more access to instructors for help and advice increases your odds of obtaining the grades you need to transfer to a larger, more competitive program.

When you graduate, you are trained to think critically and equipped with lab, data analysis, and research skills that can make you a preferred candidate at many B.C. and Canadian schools and universities.

In addition, optional paid co-op work placements throughout your studies allow you to gain real work experience, create a network of contacts, and get references for other employment or further schooling.

An Associate Degree in Science can open the door to a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Math and Statistics or Computing Science at UFV or elsewhere.

Career Outlook for Associate of Science degree

According to the B.C. 2022 Labour Market Outlook, British Columbians can expect to see over one million job openings in the next seven years as boomers retire.

Occupations in the health sector and in the natural and applied sciences sector are expected to grow at a faster pace than the provincial annual average. In these two sectors alone, the report predicts that there will be more than 146,000 job openings by 2022.

Demand for science, technology, engineering and math skills is spreading to occupations in manufacturing, utilities, transportation and mining, as well as to sales and management. In consequence, an Associate of Science degree can act as a stepping stone to varied, challenging, and fulfilling career opportunities, especially if combined with further studies in a field of specialization.