Help shape the next generation

Help shape the next generation

If you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree, UFV’s new 10-month Bachelor of Education can open the door for you to become a elementary, middle school, or secondary teacher in public or private schools, locally or around the world.

Grounded in the principles of social justice, UFV’s Bachelor of Education program provides first-rate training in special education, indigenous education, and second language instruction to prepare you to become a forward-thinking educator, ready to make a difference in your students' lives.

With solid grounding in curriculum, extensive supervision during your practica, and the strong support of a close-knit community, you are fully equipped to become an effective teacher in the changing landscape of contemporary education.

A high percentage of UFV’s Bachelor of Education graduates begin their teaching careers in  local school districts. In fact, secondary school teachers are in demand in the Fraser Valley right now — particularly in the fields of science and math.  

Upon successful completion of the program, you receive your Bachelor of Education from UFV and are recommended to the Ministry of Education to receive a BC Teaching certificate through the Teacher Regulation Branch.

Career outlook for elementary, middle school, and secondary teachers

Long-term job prospects for teachers in the Fraser Valley remain excellent. British Columbia statistics indicate the Lower Mainland will experience the highest population growth in the province over the next decade, bringing many young families to the area. This growth, stemming from high levels of immigration, will continue to fill our schools.

Moreover, Service Canada reports that large numbers of high school teachers moving into retirement will create many job openings. The average age of current high-school teachers is significantly higher than the rest of the workforce. Specializing in French, Math, or Science can further enhance job opportunities for those who wish to teach high school.

Elementary school teachers are currently ranked second in the list for high demand occupations usually requiring bachelor's, graduate or first professional degree. There are 10,100 job openings forecasted for the next decade in B.C. Teachers enjoy excellent job stability and the flexibility of winter and summer breaks. With seniority and experience, they may move up to become principals or administrators.