Careers In Psychology

This website has been designed to help our psychology majors find work in areas of interest to them. While psychology majors can get any job that requires a University degree, the emphasis here is on the humanities/social services and research. To this end, we have compiled lists of potential employers, mainly in British Columbia, who hire for these positions, as well as provided numerous resources which describe the types of careers psych majors can get, career quizzes, and interview tips.

Remember that Universities hire graduates for a variety of positions including student advisors, coordinators, lab instructors, research assistants, and more. For list of every human resources web page for every post secondary institution in North America, go to

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  • Careers in Psychology Overview
  • Click here for a list websites regarding the types of careers available to you
  • Click here for awesome resources including career quizzes, resume templates and much more
  • Click here for books on careers in psychology


  • While psychology majors can get any job that requires a university degree, the majority will obtain a position in the Humanities/ Social Services.
  • Click here for potential employers in the Humanities


  • Research organizations may well be the second biggest employer of psychology majors.  These include government funded research organizations, as well as private institutes such as KPMG and IPSOS Reid.
  • Click here for potential employers in Research


  • Government agencies offer positions in both research and humanities.
  • Click here for potential Government employers


  • With these search engines you can search for jobs in your area by factors such as location and types of jobs.  Click here to find lots of excellent search engines.


  • Can't find what you are looking for?  With a little more education/ training you could land a job as a human resource specialist, a physiotherapist, or a  genetic counsellor.
  • Click here for links to certificate programs and degrees for a wide range of career options that use your BA in psychology as a starting point.


  • Jobs at UFV
  • UFV is a great place to work and you qualify for many positions including educational advisors and coordinators.  Check out all 3 sections of our website (staff, administrative and faculty/ educational advisors) at




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