Office Furniture


If you require furniture, but don't have the funds to buy new, surplus furniture could be supplied at no cost to your department. The Facilities department keeps track of all surplus furniture available for redistribution. Contact Facilities with a description of the item you are looking for, and if available (limited supply), you will be asked to submit a Facilities Work Request for the delivery and installation in the designated space. If you have furniture no longer required by yourself or your department, please submit a Facilities Work Request, and it will be relocated to surplus.

New Furniture

The Purchasing Division is responsible for ordering new standard furniture items including chairs, meeting tables, bookcases and standard 30" x 60" desks. A systems contract is in place with an Preferred Supplier to ensure consistency in pricing, aesthetics and safety. If custom furniture is necessary, the Space Planning Coordinator can design a layout for the space and create a plan for approval. 

Please Note: The average lead time for furniture orders is 6-8 weeks from the time Purchasing receives the order (SPR).
UFV Standard Furniture Catalogue PDF

Contact Information:

Danielle Fournier
Standard Furniture Purchases
(604) 854-4519
Shelley Young
Custom & Surplus Furniture Requests
(604) 851-6334

How to Acquire Standard & Custom Furniture:


Review & Consult

Standard Furniture:
Review the UFV Standard Furniture Catalogue and choose the item(s) to purchase. If you need assistance measuring your work space contact the Space Planning Coordinator.

Custom Furniture:
First consult the Space Planning Coordinator; they can take measurements, provide furniture options and assist in obtaining a quote.


Complete an SPR

Complete a Supply Purchase Requisition (SPR). Enter the Quantity, Item Description and (estimated) Unit Price. For Custom Furniture, staple quotations (if applicable) to the SPR.

Once approved and signed,submit the SPR to the Purchasing Division for processing.



Purchasing will contact you with information regarding delivery and installation. If existing furniture must be removed before the delivery of the new furniture, complete a work order with Facilities.

It is the responsibility of the Faculty/Staff member to coordinate a work request for furniture removal and/or computer and phone set-up (IT Services) prior to the delivery date.

Notify the Purchasing Division of any damage or deficiencies of the items upon delivery/installation.

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