Direct Award or Competition Bid

For purchases over $25,000 the Purchasing Manager will determine the appropriate process for completing the purchase on behalf of the user. A Scope of Work (SOW) document will be used along with information collected during the initial meeting to choose whether the purchase will be made via Direct Award or Closed/Open Competition Bid.

Direct Award There are two types of direct awards:

Sole Source - When only one supplier is capable of meeting end user requirements and specifications and no other supplier or distributor exists in the market.

Single/Select Source - When more than one supplier or distributor for a product exists in the market, however, only one of those suppliers or distributors is able to meet specific requirements.

When a purchase is made through a direct award, a Sole or Single/Select Source Justification form must be completed and signed by the user.
Closed Competition Bid Where only specific pre-qualified vendors are requested, in writing, based on a Request for Proposal (RFP) or a Request for Quote (RFQ) to submit bids.

For purchases between $25,000 and $75,000, at least three (3) bids must be obtained. In circumstances where it is not possible to obtain three bids, written documentation of the reasons must be included.

Closed Competition is used when the goods or services are needed urgently and time does not allow for an Open Competition Bid process.
Open Competition Bid For purchases over $75,000 and which requirements are posted on BC Bid website.

Open Competition is used on any purchase of goods or services over $75,000.
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