Limited Purchase Order (LPO)

A Limited Purchase Order (LPO) is a purchasing method that allows departments to obtain goods and services up to $1,500 + tax (including shipping).

An LPO cannot be used for the following purchases, please choose an alternative purchase method:

  • Restricted Goods and Services
  • Personal items, honorariums, travel (including meals, alcohol and fuel)
  • Purchases exceeding $1,500
  • A single purchase that is divided into two or more LPO's
  • Backordered items

Contact your Department Assistant or Purchasing to request a blank LPO.

How to Complete an LPO:



First, confirm the Supplier will accept an LPO and obtain information and pricing on the goods you wish to purchase.

Complete the LPO form with:

  • Supplier Name
  • Employee name
  • Item description and price.


Obtain authorization from your Department Head/Director and have the LPO signed and coded by the signing authority in your Department.

Provide/Send the Supplier a copy of the authorized LPO.



For Service: 

  • When the service has been performed, complete the bottom left portion of the LPO form and send the yellow copy to Accounts Payable.

For Pick up:

  • Pick up the goods and invoice from the supplier, sign the LPO to confirm that goods have been received.
  • Make a copy for yourself and send the ORIGINAL invoice stapled to the yellow LPO copy to Accounts Payable.

For Delivery:

  • Send the pink copy of the LPO to Shipping & Receiving to notify them goods are being delivered.
  • Send the yellow copy to Accounts Payable to indicate the order is being delivered.


If you receive an invoice, confirm that it is correct, make a copy for yourself, sign and forward it to Accounts Payable (A291).

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