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It is the responsibility of the end user to ensure that the goods and services ordered on their behalf and delivered directly to them are properly and promptly accounted for and received. When you receive your shipment, check to ensure the order is received in full. Follow the next step depending on your purchase method.

Next Step:

Purchasing Card (PCard) Keep all receipts, confirmations and invoices for PCard reconciliation. All PCard receipts must be submitted to Finance, stapled to a copy of the PCard statement by the 21st of each month.
Blanket Order If the order is received correctly, initial packing slip (and/or invoice if included) and forward to Accounts Payable (A291). If the shipment is incorrect or incomplete notify the Vendor to rectify any discrepancies.
Supply Purchase Requisition
If the shipment is incorrect or incomplete notify Purchasing to rectify any discrepancies.


Returns & Damaged Shipments

Any goods received damaged (apparent or concealed) must be reported to the Vendor and/or carrier as soon as possible. Most Vendors now require that purchasers obtain a “Return Material Authorization” before accepting returned goods. Contact the Vendor before returning goods. For purchases made via a Supply Purchase Requisition (PO), contact Purchasing to initiate the return process.

Purchasing can assist you in contacting Vendors regarding returns, incomplete shipments and damaged goods.

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