Purchases Between $25,000-$75,000


For purchases between $25,000 - $75,000, three written quotes are required to begin the process.  To expedite the purchase you can provide the quotations or contact the Purchasing Division and we will obtain them on the your behalf.
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Single/Select Source Justification

If you are submitting only one quotation, provide rational for the Purchasing Division using the Single/Select Source Justification Form. If approved, Purchasing will proceed with the purchase from the vendor. If the form is not approved, Purchasing in consultation with you, will initiate a Competitive Bid process.
Single/Select Source Justification Form PDF

How to Begin Your Purchase:

Complete a Supply Purchase Requisition (SPR), include written quotations with the SPR and submit to the Purchasing Division for processing. The Purchasing Manager will follow up and discuss the purchase with the you and will also contact any stakeholders that may be impacted by the purchase.

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