Purchases Over $75,000

For purchases over $75,000 the Purchasing Division will work with you directly on the competitive bid process.

Competitive bids apply to all University employees and other University representatives to ensure that UFV related goods and services shall be purchased at a price no higher than others could obtain for like products or services of similar quality and in similar quantities.

Any University employee participating in a procurement process shall:
1. Purchase goods and services at the “best value” or lowest total cost, which takes into account not only purchase price, but also:
  • compliance with technical or functional specifications
  • product availability
  • ordering and invoicing processes
  • service standards
  • accounting compliance
  • regulatory requirements
  • sustainability (ethical, environmental and social responsibility).
2. Be responsible for the review, evaluation, and documentation of each element of total cost.
3. Be able to justify the economic, research, and/or educational need for the procurement decision.

For further information, contact the Purchasing Division who is responsible for soliciting vendor proposals, obtaining quotations, and/or negotiating master supply agreements on behalf of UFV.

How to Begin your Purchase:

Contact the Purchasing Divison to arrange an initial meeting to discuss the requirement. Purchases involving a multi-year commitment or total purchases greater than $75,000 require a competitive bid process to take place including:

i.    an assessment of the market and the supply base
ii.    written “scope of work” and “award criteria”
iii.   a competitive bid document drafted and distributed to vendors
iv.   an analysis of vendors’ responses
v.   execution of a written contract or purchase agreement prior to award.



Sole Source:

Only one supplier is capable of meeting end user requirements and specifications; no other supplier or distributor in the market


Single / Select Source:

More than one supplier or distributor for a product exists in the market, however one of those suppliers or distributors is able to meet specific requirements


Trade Agreements:

Exceptions that are allowed under the Trade Agreements (CETA, CFTA, NWPTA, CUSMA, WTO)

If procurement is considered to be a Sole, Single/Select Source, or an Emergency, a Sole, Single/Select Source Justification must be completed and submitted to the Purchasing Division. If the Single/Select Source Justification Form is approved, Purchasing will proceed with the purchase from the vendor.  If the form is not approved, Purchasing in consultation with you will initiate a competitive bid process. 

Competitive bid processes may utilize one, or more, of the following documents: 

  1. Notice of Intent
  2. Request for Information
  3. Request for Pre-Qualification
  4. Request for Quote
  5. Request for Proposals
  6. Request for Tenders

The Purchasing Division is available to assist with all purchases, contact us with your questions or requests.

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