Restricted Goods & Services

The following items are considered restricted goods & services and can be purchased on behalf of the user by the Purchasing Division. Purchases of these items require a separate procedure regardless of the dollar amount.

  • Computer Hardware (Computers, Monitors, Laptops & Printers)
  • Software
  • Cellular and office phones
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Building Construction and Renovations

First Steps:



Optional step for Restricted Purchases Over $1500:
To expedite the process, users may provide two written quotes or Purchasing can obtain the quotes on the user's behalf.

It is the role of the Purchasing Division to review the quotes and award the vendor. If you are choosing to use a UFV Preferred Supplier, quotations are not necessary.


Complete an SPR

For all Restricted Purchases:
Complete a Supply Purchase Requisition. Please include written quotations (if applicable) with the SPR and submit to the Purchasing Division for processing.

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