Office of the Registrar

Class List/Waitlist FAQ

The following are a list of common questions and answers about using myUFV to obtain class lists and waitlists.

How frequently are the online class lists and waitlists updated?

Class lists and waitlists are live data. They are updated as changes are made.

Can I get a student's phone number from the class list?

Yes, just click on the appropriate student's name.

How can I get my class list into an MS-Excel spreadsheet?

  1. Log into myUFV.
  2. Choose "Summary Class List" from the Faculty menu, and select your section.
  3. Choose "[Export Summary Class List to MS-Excel]" from the shortcut menu at the bottom of the class list.
  4. Choose either "Open" or "Save" to download your class list in MS-Excel.

Can I upload my grades from a spreadsheet into myUFV?

Not at this time.

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