Office of the Registrar

Entering Permissions on myUFV

  1. Log in to myUFV.
  2. In Faculty Services, choose "Grant Students Permission to Register."
  3. Select the term.
  4. Enter the student ID number.
    Note: You CANNOT do a search for the student's ID.
  5. Confirm the student.
  6. From the "Overrides" screen, select the override that is appropriate:
    • Late reg instructor perm
      Adds students to your class once semester has started; overrides enrollment capacity if required.
    • Waive prerequisites
      Overrides a prerequisite requirement
    • Waive program/major*
      Overrides a program restriction
    • Override link requirement
      Allows a student to register in a lab or lecture outside of the normally linked sections
    • Permit audit registration
      Allows a student to audit a course (Auditors are expected to meet any pre/co-requisite and may register as Audit no later than 30% course duration)
    • Permit time conflict
      Allows a student to register for a course that has a time conflict with another course on their schedule
    • Increase class size
      Allows an extra student to enroll without changing the max. enrollment. Does not waive pre/corequisites
    • Instructor's permission
      Used rarely, for sections which require instructor's permission
  7. Select the section for which you wish to grant the override.
  8. Confirm the override.
  9. Let the student know they must proceed to register.

* The Waiveprogram/major permission to override a program restriction cannot be issued via myUFV (see your department assistant for entry).

  Notes:  Only faculty overrides can be selected and only courses for which you are the instructor on record are shown.

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