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Research, Engagement and Graduate Studies

Accelerate Research Fund (ARF)

We encourage proposals to the Accelerate Research Fund (ARF) to support COVID-19 related research.

There is an immediate need for research that contributes to our knowledge of COVID-19; its impacts on society, the economy, and government; ways to contain the spread; and ways to improve public health response and patient care. Review of applications for COVID-19 projects will be expedited where possible. Possible research questions could include:

  • Public health response and countermeasures
  • Supporting healthcare system response (infection prevention and control, and best practices to protect healthcare workers)
  • Case studies of sectoral impacts, associated responses, prevention, and control and best practices to support healthcare workers
  • Risk communication, information sharing, and knowledge translation
  • Combatting misinformation, stigma, and fear
  • Dynamics of response and recovery in remote, island, coastal, and Indigenous contexts


Type Internal funding opportunity
Purpose Support UFV faculty with funding for direct costs of small-scale research
Amount Up to $6000
Duration Funds must be spent before March 31, end of UFV fiscal year
Eligibility Type B faculty, Sessionals, LTA's
Deadline Ongoing – apply online through ROMEO
Results Announced within 3 weeks of receipt – longer if application volume is high


The Accelerate Research Fund (formerly "Research Supplementary Fund") is designed to provide UFV faculty with funding for direct costs of small-scale research. Eligible activities include:

  • Pilot research or other small-scale initiatives designed to lead to external funding applications or partnerships
  • Projects that leverage this funding in applications for external funding or partnerships, special purpose, or limited funding for important research activity

As our budget is limited, these funds are not intended to be used as ongoing or sole support for a research program. They are designed to accelerate research activity that will lead to larger, externally-funded projects or to be leveraged with external funds when necessary.


Type B faculty, Sessionals, and LTA's are eligible to apply to the Accelerate Research Fund.

  • May only hold one ARF grant per year
  • Must complete all outstanding internal research funding-related reports (e.g., ROSA, SIG, RSF) before applying
  • Faculty members who have received a ROSA release may apply to this fund for supplies and other costs associated with their ROSA-funded research

Application Process

  1. Create an account / log in to ROMEO, UFV's online research portal
  2. Click “Apply New”
  3. Select "Accelerate Research Fund"
  4. Complete all tabs
    • Detailed Project Description, Budget, and Budget Justification required
    • If you are requesting ARF funds to leverage a project funded elsewhere, you may include PDFs of your project description from the other application

Need help? See: ROMEO tutorial on How to Apply for Funding

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria. Applicants who do not meet minimum requirements for funding will be rejected and/or asked to revise and re-submit their application.

  1. Importance and originality of the proposed research
  2. Potential for high quality student training
  3. Potential for impact within UFV’s communities and beyond
  4. Significance of proposed research to the advancement of applicant's research program and profile
  5. Potential of proposed research to leverage external research funds or to lead to external funding application/opportunity


Jerri-Lynne Cameron, MA

Director, Research Services & Industry Engagement

Research, Engagement, and Graduate Studies

Abbotsford campus, G290K

Phone: 604-557-4044

email Jerri-Lynne

“Honestly, I could do research for the rest of my life! I don’t know what it is about (research). There’s so much out there others have looked into but there’s always a gap and that’s the fun part about research.”

  • – Sien Barnett
  •    BA, English

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