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ROSA support

Research Option and Scholarly Activity (ROSA)

Scholarly activity and research option funding provides permanent teaching faculty the opportunity to apply for a one-section course reduction in teaching load when they have a project which is too substantial to be completed as part of their regular workload.

Faculty may also apply for funding to support approved scholarly projects when there is evidence that the project cannot be undertaken unless they receive additional funding to supplement what is available to them (e.g. external grants, etc.).

Faculty who hold a major grant receive one release and are required to fill out the Research Options for Grant Holders form, and submit it electronically to NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR applicants may apply for a release that, if approved, they may take if they are not successful in their Tri-Council application.

If you would like assistance with your application, email

2019-2020 ROSA handbook

How to submit an application:


Choose your stream and apply

Determine which application stream best fits your proposal and fill out an ROSA application form 2019-2020. The application form includes instructions and guidelines.

If you are a major grant holder, fill out the research option for grant holders form.


Notify your department

Email a copy of your application package to your department head and to your dean for their information.


Submit your application

Email your application package to You do not need to scan and sign emailed applications. Your email address is your signature.


What's next?

Once submitted, applications will be distributed to the appropriate subcommittee.

The Teaching Faculty Research Option subcommittee and the Scholarly Activity Option subcommittee function as separate committees.

If you receive a ROSA release, you will need to submit a final research report at the end of the activity. The research office will send you a reminder email with project guidelines and a report template.

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