Research and Scholarly Activity Database Project

UFV and our sister BC Association of Institutes and Universities (BCAIU) are working together to pilot an online Research and Scholarly Activity Database Project (RSADB). The RASDB pilot gathers and reports faculty and student scholarship, research, and service activities.

The RSADB is a web-based information management system designed to organize and build reports on these activities. View a sample report from Vancouver Island University to see the type of report the system can help you build.

As our Fraser Valley communities steadily increase their expectations about how UFV can contribute to economic, cultural, social, technological, environmental and intellectual well-being, we remain committed to engaging our stakeholder communities and demonstrating that our teaching, research and service activity leads to benefits for Canadians.

At the provost's request, faculty members across UFV departments will pilot this research database system. Departments can take advantage of this resource and incorporate and links into their web pages.


  • Provide faculty with an easy-to-use system for recording and tracking teaching, research, scholarship and service activities.
  • Faculty only need to input their data once rather than reformatting and submitting their data when requested. It is important for faculty to update their data occasionally.
  • Provide common faculty information across all departments with basic reports generated to serve communication, administrative and personal purposes. It will eliminate the need to frequently ask for details about faculty and student accomplishments.
  • Enable individual faculty-level, department-level, or institution-level reports in a matter of seconds. The procedure for creating reports is simple: log on, enter data, and generate reports.

If your materials are in electronic form, you may copy and paste from your file directly into RASDB. You need not complete the steps in sequential order or in one session.

Rollout Schedule

We plan to send email to all UFV faculty by early June, asking faculty to have their information in the pilot RASDB for August 30, 2014. We will send a message again in September — with an October reminder — that faculty are expected to have the information in the pilot RASDB for November 15, 2014.

Data Access

This project tool is for faculty and UFV administrative use. The data is on a secure server hosted by Edudata Canada. Faculty can only see their individual information. Departments can only see the department information, not any other unit. Administrators in the designated department can see the information for faculty in their department. Deans can see the information for faculty in their decanal areas. At the central administrative level, the Associate Vice-President Research, Engagement, & Graduate Studies, the Vice-President Academic, and Edudata Canada have access to the information.


You can address your questions to the following colleagues: (content questions) (technical questions) (Edudata)


"At many institutions the transition to go digital has already happened or is underway. I am also very attuned to the fact that faculty time is precious and must not be wasted. Having said that, I believe that we can leverage the Research and Scholarship Database Project to make the digital transition to activity reporting in the same way we made the transition to e-mail."

  • – Eric Davis
  •    Provost and Vice President Academic

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