Deferred Student Loan Payment Option

Waiting on a Student Loan? Not to worry – we can help you out!

UFV Residence Services offers student loan applicants who wish to live in residence a deferred payment option for the first and second installment of their residence fees. This deferred payment option is only for students on a student loan. For approval of the Deferred Student Loan Payment Option please do the following:

1) Contact UFV Residence Services at by July 31 or Nov 1 and let them know your intentions.

2) Send (email or fax) a copy of your official 'Notification of Assessment' letter from Student Aid BC to Residence Services. (This letter lets us know whether you have been approved or not) *Please contact Financial Aid if you are having a problem locating this letter. Once this has been completed, you will be notified by Residence Services whether or not your deferred payment request has been approved, and your account will be charged.

3) Pay the application fee ($50.00) damage deposit ($300.00) , Room Offer Acceptance Fee ($500.00), and Residence Programming fee ($75.00) on your Residence Account. Please note: This is a total of $925.00 you will need to pay before July 31 (or before November 30th to defer to January).  Below are the payment extension dates.

Fee Due Date Without Deferral    Fee Due Date With Student Loan Deferral
July 31 September 15
November 30 January 15

If you miss the extended due date, you will be charged a $25 administrative late fee for each day your payment is late.




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