Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for residence?
When/how will information be sent?
What if I need to cancel my application?
Is my Room Offer Acceptance Fee refundable?

Before you move in
How do I search for a roommate?How do I search for a roommate?
What amenities/furniture are provided for me in residence?
May I bring my own furniture to residence?
What should be brought for the room?
What should not be brought for the room?
Do I need to bring cleaning supplies?
Are the rooms air conditioned?
How is the residence cleaned?

After you move in
What if I wish to withdraw from residence?
What if I want to transfer to a different room?
Something in my unit is broken, how can I get it fixed?
Can I stay in residence during the Holiday Break?
Can I leave my belongings in residence over the Holiday Break if I am not staying here?

This page is intended for both students and parents/guardians and is intended to provide the answers to frequently asked questions. As always, if you cannot find an answer to your question here, check the Residence Handbook and you are welcome to contact us.




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