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Kamal Arora

Dr. Kamal Arora

Research Associate

Social, Cultural, & Media Studies

Abbotsford campus

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Dr. Kamal Arora is a cultural anthropologist, and a Sessional Instructor in UFV’s department of Social, Cultural, and Media Studies. She also teaches at UBC and KPU.  She was Co-Director of the South Asian Studies Institute in 2017-2018. She holds a PhD in Anthropology from UBC. Her research interests and publications range broadly and include gender, religion, communal violence, development, migration and South Asian diaspora, Sikhism, feminist anthropology, equity, diversity, and issues of race and racism within higher education. 


PhD Anthropology (University of British Columbia)
MA Gender and Development (University of Sussex/Institute of Development Studies) 
BA Communication (Simon Fraser University) 

Research Interests

anthropological methods;
communal violence;
equity, diversity and inclusion;
feminist anthropology;
gender and development;
race, racism and anti-racism, religion;
South Asia;


2020 (In Progress). Arora, Kamal, Adrienne Chan and Awneet Sivia. “Confronting Microaggressions Within and Beyond the Academy: Narratives of an Anti-Racism Network.” Eds: Cho, Christine, Julie Corkett and Astrid Steele. The Manifestation of Microaggressions and Lateral Violence in Education: A Global Perspective.

2020 (In Progress). Arora, Kamal. “Contemporary Social Activism.” The Sikh World. Eds: Singh, Paushara and Arvind-Pal Mandair. Routledge.

2020. Arora, Kamal. “I Get Peace: Gender and Religious Life in a Delhi Gurdwara.” Special Issue: Exploring Gender and Sikh Traditions. Ed: Jakobsh,Doris. Religions 2020(3), 135.

2019. Arora, Kamal. “Spectator Sport.” We Are Hockey. Exhibition Catalogue. South Asian Studies Institute, University of the Fraser Valley.

2018. Arora, Kamal. “Making visible, invisible communities: Reflections on the Archive by Dr. Kamal Arora.” Rungh Magazine. Available at:

2014. Arora, Kamal. “Review: Becoming Men in a Modern City: Masculinity, Migration and Globalization in North India” by Harjant Gill. Dissertation Reviews. January 9, 2014. Available at:

2013. Arora, Kamal, Gul, Duygu and Michael Nijhawan. Editors. Special Issue: Memory, Violence and Transnational Youth Formations. Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory. 9(3)

2013. Arora, Kamal, Gul, Duygu and Michael Nijhawan. “Memory, Violence and Transnational Youth Formations.” Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory. 9(3) 269-277.

2013. Arora, Kamal and Sophie Voegele. “Questioning assumptions of universally applicable social theories: Considerations on women’s empowerment in India”. Indian Women: Issues and Perspectives. Eds: Kumar, Manoj and Ranjhay Vardhan. Delhi: Indian Publishers Distributors. 68 – 92.

2013. Nijhawan, Michael and Kamal Arora. “‘Lullabies for Broken Children’: Diasporic Citizenship and the Dissenting Voices of Young Sikhs in Canada.” Sikh Formations: Religion, Culture, Theory. 9(3) 299-321.

2012. Arora, Kamal. “Wisconsin shooting: Tragic extension of everyday hate experienced by Sikhs in North America.” August 10, 2012. Available at:

2009. Haines, R.J., Johnson, J.L., Carter, C.I., Arora, K. "I couldn't say, I'm not a girl" - Adolescents Talk about Gender and Marijuana Use. Social Science & Medicine. 68(11) 2029-2036.

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