Latin American Studies

Latin American is a region of great diversity, drama, and interest. Its physical beauty and extravagance is matched by the compelling nature of its vibrant social, cultural, and political life. The region’s economic significance to us is now coming into clearer focus, and has led to Canada’s membership in the Organization of American States, a trade agreement between Chile and Canada, and the North American Free Trade Agreement with Mexico. A major testing ground for competing development paths, Latin American offers valuable insights into the world’s future — and sobering reflections about its past. 

Students are given the opportunity to continue their studies in Latin American through study tours and field schools. In addition, UFV has a formal agreement with the Autonomous University of Hidalgo in Pachuca, Mexico, to allow students to study at a Mexican university. Informal links exist with other universities and institutes in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Chile. In recent years, UFV students have completed a co-op education work placement in Nicaragua and in Brazil, and it is hoped that further placements can be arranged.‌‌‌

For more information regarding Latin American Studies, please contact Stephen Piper by email or by phone at 605-504-7441 ext. 4689.

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Upcoming Courses

Latin American Studies - Fall 2017

LAS 161

 Aztecs, Mayas, and Spaniards

LAS 358

African Slavery in the Americas

LAS 457

Sexuality and Gender in Latin America



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