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Executive Records Schedule

Executive records are the legal, administrative, historical, and operational records of the offices of executive level positions or equivalent.

Included are records in all formats and media. This special schedule for executive records takes precedence over retention periods and final dispositions indicated in UFV’s records regular retention schedule (under development). .

All executive records will be retained for a minimum combined active and semi-active retention period of ten years from the date of file closure.

Executive records are retained because of their significant operational, legal, historical, evidential, informational, or other values. Executive records often document the development, implementation, operation, and evaluation of organizational policies, plans, programs, and services. Such records are unique primary source documents and will be retained.

Records should be fully retained which pertain to legal precedence, audits or special investigations.  Records will also be retained for their evidential value including all policy and procedure files created by offices having primary responsibility for policy and procedure development and approval.

Draft and duplicate materials which hold no evidential value may be purged and discarded. Executive records may contain a large volume of transitory and ephemeral material. As with all organizational records, routine records of no value will be discarded. Unnecessary duplicates, publications, and other materials which are not an integral part of the record series will be purged and destroyed.

Executive offices hold 3 types of records:

  1. Transitory and public use
  2. Administrative, operational, and legal (executive)
  3. Historical

Note: Contact your Records Manager before disposing of any records from executive offices (excluding transitory records).

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