Safety tips from the UFV Security team

Plan ahead

  1. Always let someone know where you’re going, your expected travel time, and how long you plan on being on campus in the evening outside of your regular routine.
  2. If you know you’ll be out in the dark, avoid dark clothing to make yourself more visible to drivers and others.
  3. Plan your travel route before you leave. By knowing exactly where you are going you’ll reduce your travel time and appear more confident and purposeful while moving around campus.
  4. Add a small flashlight to your keychain, or in your bag, to use in case of a power outage or other emergency.
  5. Always have your keys in your hand to allow quick entry into your car.


  1. Walk with a classmate, or a group of people, when possible.
  2. Always walk in well-lit, highly visible areas.
  3. Stay on the provided paths and avoid shortcuts.
  4. Security will provide a SafeWalk any time of day for any reason, simply call the Security Operation Center at 1.855.239.7654. to make arrangements
  5. Security contact information are posted via Red Signs throughout all of our campus locations. Please become familiar with where they are located. Program these numbers into your phone for quick referral.

Cars on campus 

  1. Never leave valuable items visible in your vehicle.
  2. Park marked stalls, in well-lit areas. 
  3. Always make note of the Parking Lot # you park in so you can easily locate your car when leaving.
  4. Women's designated parking stalls are available in the evenings after 4:30pm in Lot 6 and Lot 7 (immediately north of Building A west, and east of Building A east) on the Abbotsford campus.
  5. Ensure you note what lot allows student parking to avoid fines for parking in permit only areas.
  6. For more information on parking at UFV, please visit UFV Parking Services.

Cell phones

Always be aware of your surroundings. One big distraction to avoid is staring at your cell phone while walking on campus or in the parking lots. This behaviour often leads to easily avoidable accidents. If you must use an electronic device, try to keep it out of plain site and make use of Bluetooth devices and headphones to keep your hands as free as possible.

Uniformed Security can be reached 24/7 at UFV by calling our Security Operation Centre at 1-855-239-7654 should you have any further questions, or to report items of concern.

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