Sexualized Violence Prevention

Support someone

Your support can make a difference. Students, staff, and faculty can empower victims/survivors through their support. Use the BRAVERY model when responding to a disclosure of sexualized violence:

Begin by listening

Give space for the person to tell their story. Don’t question a person’s story, press for more details, blame the person, or ask leading questions. 

Respect confidentiality

Be clear about confidentiality and duty to report standards.

Ask what support looks like for them

Empower the person to take control of their own story and healing path.

Validate their experience

Acknowledge how difficult it can be to discuss experiences of violence. Thank them for their bravery.


Suspend judgement and try understand how they are feeling.

Refer them to campus- or community-based support services. [link to list of resources in “Get Help” section.]

Encourage the person to seek support from trained professionals.


Responding to a disclosure of sexualized violence can be challenging. Practice self-care and be kind to yourself.  

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