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Final draft of the framework for the Integrated Strategic Plan

Dear Colleagues,

Ey Swayel … Hello.

After over two years of consultation and building off of several resources and reports, I am excited to present to you the final draft of the framework for the Integrated Strategic Plan.

Starting with the Visioning exercise led by President MacLean that established UFV’s Mission, A, and Goals, we have spent the past year learning from our past, listening to our people, and looking towards the future to establish our Goals and Strategic Imperatives.

For a review of how we have reached this point, you are encouraged to consult the phases being used to develop the Integrated Strategic Plan, along with the specific planning progress updates that have followed an iterative process informed by the consultation feedback received at each phase.

"IYAQÁWTXW: House of Transformation"

The title of the Integrated Strategic Plan Framework Document called IYAQÁWTXW: House of Transformation is taken directly from our Coat of Arms. IYAQÁWTXW is a Halq’eméylem word from the language of the Stó:lō First Nation that means “house of transformation” and reflects the mandate of UFV as a place of change – a place of intellectual and character transformation.

A unifying framework 

The framework (i.e., Mission, Vision, Values, Goals, and Strategic Imperatives) provided by the Integrated Strategic Plan (ISP) will serve as the foundation for all areas across the University. As an integrated strategic plan , Academic and Administrative units will work towards anchoring and aligning their planning, priorities and key performance indicators to the ISP framework. The ISP will inform institutional and unit level priorities and will be the lens through which we as a UFV community will help make important decisions and track our progress that helps transform us now and into the future.

Special thanks

I would like to thank everyone who has been an active participant throughout the development of the ISP. There have been many individuals, groups and stakeholders who have made time in their busy schedules to share their thoughts and expertise to get us to this point. A special thanks to the Working Group who helped to guide the process over the past 2 years; the Visioning Steering Committee who advised the President on the content of UFV’s mission, values and vision; the Thought Leaders who allowed us to share their stories with the UFV community to stimulate innovation and forward looking ideas; and the Stakeholder Group who were instrumental in providing feedback based upon input from the consultation processes and incorporating this feedback into the Goals and Strategic Imperatives.

Your feedback is welcome

Prior to taking the framework for the ISP to the next Senate meeting in January, 2021 and the Board of Governors in February, 2021 for their approval, we are providing members of the UFV community to submit any final thoughts on the proposed Integrated Strategic Plan Framework. You are welcome to submit your comments via email to: by January 8th, 2021.

Ey Si:yam … Thank you
Dr. James Mandigo
Provost & VP Academic

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