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UFV Centre for Sustainability

UFV Centre for Sustainability


An action group providing sustainability projects, programs, events and initiatives at UFV

The Centre is a coordination of both applied and academic activities that collaborate to improve sustainability at UFV and into the broader community. The Centre has an advisory committee that meets multiple times a year to coordinate key stakeholders and attain guidance and support. Twice annually students, staff and faculty are invited to a SustainableUFV luncheon to discuss current and future programming.

The applied portion is headed up by the Facilities Management department, which employs a Student Sustainability Coordinator, tasked with developing project ideas, increasing efficiencies and decreasing waste throughout the university. This position is a key component of promoting sustainability awareness and changing behaviours to encourage more responsible operations in the Fraser Valley.

The academic portion of the Centre, coordinated by the chair, includes various departments (ex. Faculty of Science, Biology, Geography). In years past, guest speakers have been brought in to address a wide range of environmental and social sustainability issues from climate change, to indigenous issues.

What's new?

View our new sustainability map that highlights all of the sustainability features we have on the Abbotsford campus.

How can you help?

You can join SustainableUFV by signing up for the newsletter. Issued approximately 6 times a year, you can keep up to date with what’s happening, and learn how to get involved in the projects, campaigns and events that have significant positive impacts on our campuses and within our communities. Students can gain valuable experience to make the university experience more dynamic and fulfilling, staff can be leaders in their departments and shape their workspaces.

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