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Office of Sustainability

Who we are

Making UFV more sustainable for work and study

Proposed terms of reference

SustainableUFV is a collection of students, staff, and faculty who are aware of the impacts an organization of this size can have on environmental degradation, and alternatively, as a culture-carrier of environmental stewardship.

The Office of Sustainability is an umbrella group focused on bringing together all things sustainable on campus. UFV aims to conduct all activities in a manner that demonstrates management accountability and promotes responsible stewardship of social and environmental issues in a fiscally responsible manner.

Our mission

  1. UFV promotes a consistent responsibility and due diligence concerning issues of a social, economic and environmental nature.
  2. Mandates a respectful, clean, healthy, and sustainable environment for all employees and students.
  3. Requires that prompt actions are taken to identify and remediate environmental risks.
  4. Driving meaningful partnerships that support a sustainable transformation towards the well-being of our communities and ecosystem.

Our mandates

  1. Help to define sustainability visions, values, and outcomes at UFV.
  2. Provide recommendations on sustainability to various departments based on best practices and priorities.
  3. Provide information on future trends and options as well as seminars and forums for discussion on sustainability across the institute.
  4. Collaboration with the Facilities Department, Dana Food Services, Campus Planning, and all other related departments on campus to promote sustainable initiatives.
  5. Help consolidate all Department and School plans into an annually published Report on Sustainability to create awareness of what UFV is doing to advance sustainable actions.
  6. Promote involvement and commitment to sustainability as a key value of UFV.












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