ACLS diploma program outline

Year One/Semester I (Fall 2006)

Course TitleNumberCredit hours
Halq'eméylemHALQ 101
Human ServicesHSER1203
EnglishENGL 1053
HistoryHIST 1033
First Nations StudiesFNST 1013

Year One/Semester II (Winter 2007)
Course TitleNumberCredit hours
Halq'eméylem HALQ 1023
Human ServicesHSER 2003
MathematicsMATH 1054
English (First Nations)ENGL 170 3
Lab Science**4

Year Two/Semester III (Fall 2007)

Course TitleNumberCredit hours
Halq'eméylem HALQ 201 3
Human ServicesHSER 1923
EducationEDUC 2904
First Nations StudiesFNST 2013
First Nations Studies
or Education
FNST 275
or EDUC 275

Year Two/Semester IV (Winter 2008)

Course TitleNumberCredit hours
Halq'eméylem HALQ 2023
First Nations StudiesFNST 2023
EducationEDUC 2914
Practicum***FNST 230***6

Total credits for Aboriginal Culture and Language Support Worker = 63

* Some courses will be dependant upon enrollment. Tuition fees and course availability may be adjusted based on enrollment numbers.

** Students should choose a lab science course that is transferable to the program they wish to pursue. Please consult with an Education Advisor.

*** A program GPA of 2.0 is required for practicum placement.
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