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Barbara Salingré

Barbara Salingré

Associate Professor

Teacher Education

Abbotsford campus, AB TR-3

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Student success is what I am passionate about, and this explains what my main role is within UFV’s Teacher Education department.

I am originally from Germany and before coming to UFV in 1991, I worked for two years in a special education classroom in the BC Interior. I joined the Student Services Department in 1991, mainly to provide academic advising and student support to diverse learners and to get involved in many activities that support students.

In 2006 I was asked to help start the Teacher Education Program. It has been exciting to develop this unique program from the ground up and to be involved in curriculum development, designing program policies, establishing relationships with our partnering school districts, and the Ministry of Education. But most importantly, it has been a privilege to help guide teacher candidates and alumni through the program and into the profession. Many of our 320+ TEP Alumni are still in contact with us, and some have become mentors to new teacher candidates.

While student development is very important to me, getting the right guidance can really help prospective teachers to develop in a way that supports their transformation and transition into a teaching career. This may include identifying social, emotional, and academic learning needs and creating intervention strategies, or mentoring students to reach their full potential.

I have been a guest speaker in various undergraduate courses to help prospective applicants to TEP. Some of the TEP Seminar topics covered are professionalism, ethics, teacher certification, the BC Education system, and program choices. Part of my academic background includes a BBA equivalent from Germany, a BA and a MEd from SFU. My research involvement has been about student success and retention, and identity development of future teachers.

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