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Teaching and Learning Centre

EDI Statement

The TLC’s Evolving Commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Teaching and learning is a reciprocal process that reflects a deep care for human dignity and diversity.

At the Teaching and Learning Centre, we seek to uphold that dignity by learning from diverse faculty, staff, and students and acting with courage, integrity, and humility to address their needs.

We commit to:

  • Weaving Indigenous perspectives and respect for land into the foundation of all our work
  • Learning to recognize underrepresented voices and to listen to, collaborate with, and elevate them
  • Sharing inclusive teaching and learning practices and modelling those practices in our offerings
  • Identifying and dismantling barriers to equity and inclusion in our work within our team and with the community we serve
  • Supporting the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual work of EDI as we learn and unlearn
  • Holding each other accountable to these commitments respectfully and kindly

We understand these commitments as habits of mind, heart, body, and spirit that build strong relationships - the foundation of transformative teaching and learning. As our relationships and understandings of EDI grow, so too will these commitments evolve.

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