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Graduates of the Level C, B, and A Welding Programs are highly regarded by our local metal working industries. The skills and knowledge they acquire prepare them for a wide variety of jobs. The provincial welding curriculum is enhanced by instruction on the safe use of a wide variety of equipment common in many fabrication shops. Employment is commonly found with companies building machinery, structural steel, transportation equipment, farm equipment and a wide variety of specialty metal products. Opportunities also exist in construction and repair work. Given the right combination of training, qualifications and work experience, some of our graduates have moved into suprervisory positions as well as self employment.


Top 10 reasons to get fired up about a Welding Career

  1. Welders can make more money than doctors.
  2. Welding is an “excellent job prospect,” says the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  3. Welders have more career choices.
  4. Qualified welders are in demand by many US industries.
  5. Welders are like athletes – great hand-eye coordination, physical stamina, and they perform well under pressure.
  6. Welders work under water, on land, in laboratories, or even in outer space.
  7. Welders make a difference in the world. Almost everything we see and touch is a result of welding technology.
  8. Welding skills are in demand all over the world.
  9. Jobs in skilled trades are expected to increase 50 percent in the next ten years.
  10. You, or someone you know, might be a welder. Visit www.takeupthetorch.org, or call 1-800-443-WELD, ext 416, to learn more about welding careers.

American Welding Society
January 18, 2005


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