Office for Academic Integrity and Appeals

About us

The Office for Academic Integrity provides students and faculty with information and resources  that promote and maintain UFV's commitment to academic integrity. As well, we handle informal facilitated resolutions and formal appeals by providing information and managing the process for students and faculty with regard to appeals of misconduct issues and appeals arising from conflicts over student evaluation, placement, transfer, accommodation of disability, admission, course challenge, academic policy, and assessment. The process is determined by the Student Academic Misconduct Policy (70).

The Academic Integrity office is guided by the principle of natural justice, which is interpreted as ensuring procedural fairness. The appeals process ensures that both parties will know the evidence in advance, will be given the opportunity to speak about their side of the case, and to have unbiased decision makers.

This site is intended to be used as a tool to provide students and faculty with information about academic appeals and academic integrity and misconducts.

Academic Appeals

UFV recognizes that students have the right to appeal decisions and practices that directly affect their academic standing. Review the Final Grade Appeals Policy (217) to understand the appeal process and organize your appeal.

Faculty and staff members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Final Grade Appeals Policy and the appeals process.

If you have questions regarding academic appeals, contact the Office of Academic Integrity and Appeals. 

Academic Integrity and Misconduct

Students at UFV must take responsibility for ensuring they meet the requirements for academic integrity and for avoiding academic misconduct. The UFV community expects that all members will meet and maintain the highest standards of academic honesty.

Therefore, students who are uncertain if they are violating the Student Conduct Policy have an obligation to seek advice, preferably from their instructor. Further advice can be sought from department or program heads and the Office for Academic Integrity and Appeals. A lack of familiarity with the Senate Policy or with the appropriate standards of academic honesty on the part of a student does not constitute a defense against its application.

NOTE: The role of the Academic Integrity and Appeals office is to handle academic appeals and misconduct appeals. Issues concerning harassment will be referred on (see Policy 18: Discrimination, Bullying, and Harrassment Prevention in the Human Resources section) and students alleging instances of instructor misconduct will be forwarded to the relevant Dean.

If you are not sure which policy or procedure is most relevant to your concern or if you have any questions, consult with the Academic Integrity and Appeals office.

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