Q.  What is UFV's budget principles and timeline?

A. Visit our Budget Principles and Timelines section for detailed information including Planning Documents and Provincial Government Links. 

Q.  I need to increase my budget.  How can I do this?  What if I need to adjust some of the line items in my budget and the adjustments will not affect my bottom line budget?

A.  The first step to increasing your budget is to talk to your Director or Dean.  Budget increases are brought to the Budget office and the annual budget planning process through the Dean's and VP's offices. 

If you need to adjust line items in your budgets and the adjustments will not affect your bottom line budget, contact the Budget Manager.  However, please note that permanently funded personnel positions must be brought forward through the annual budget planning process.

Q.  How do I access funding for approved faculty releases or additional sections funded from outside of the department budget?

A.  A completed Course Funding Request Form will allow us to transfer funding for these sections into your department budget.  Be sure to obtain the appropriate authorizing signatures from both the funding and receiving departments and forward the completed form to the Budget and Financial Planning Office.  We will then make a transfer from the funding source account to your department account. 

Q.  When do I need to complete a Position Request form?

A.  A Position Request form needs to be completed and forwarded to the Budgeting office every time a job is posted. If the posting is for a newly created position, the Budgeting office will generate a new position number. If the posting is for a vacancy in an existing position, use the previously established position number. The Position Request form allows the Budgeting office to confirm funding for new positions and monitor changes in existing positions.  If you need further explanation or details, please contact your Financial Analyst.

Q.If I don't know the position number or budget code to use on a Request for Contract, what should I do?

A.  Contact your Financial Analyst.

Q.  How do I access my budget reports?

A.  You may access your up-to-date financial information on FAST.  Additional budget reports for the Academic areas are accessible through my-ufv: groups.

For more information please contact your Financial Analyst.

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