At UFV we realize that the fabric of Canadian society has a multicultural weave. We offer courses in French, Halq'emylem, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Russian, German and Spanish. We also  offer the option of a French minor and French Extended minor and proficiency certificates. So come explore the world of opportunities here at your doorstep. Learning a new language is only a click away....


Why study a language?

The fact is that humanity's future on this planet rests on increased international trade, cooperation, and understanding. We cannot hope to survive without understanding our fellow humans, and the key to this is the learning of other languages. 

As international trade develops, the need for multi-lingual Canadians increases. As more people travel, they realize the value of communication in another language. 

The goal of the language program at UFV is to develop communication, so we place considerable emphasis on actually teaching you to speak the language. If you can demonstrate sufficient proficiency in a language you may receive advanced credit and placement. 

"Language is intimately tied to a man's feeling and activity. It is bound up with nationality, religion, and the feeling of self. It is used for work, worship, and play by everyone, be he beggar or banker, savage or civilized...We are witnessing, in our time, the greatest changes in the history of language learning...Formerly known by a few as marks of education, languages are now studied by people from all walks of life. More languages are studied than ever before, and methods of learning are changing rapidly."   -- Robert Lado

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