Students and Prospective Students

What is PLAR?

Prior Learning Assessment (PLAR) is a process that gives you the opportunity to receive credit for what you already know and can do. Qualified specialists at UFV assess the skills and knowledge that you have already acquired against learning outcomes of UFV courses or programs.

Students complete transfer credit assessment before pursuing PLAR.

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How PLAR can benefit you

Am I a Good Candidate?

The following criteria is a guideline only, and is not meant to be exhaustive. Contact your academic advisor or a faculty member to discuss your personal suitability.

Your employment history:

  • You have at least five years of experience in one job or a number of closely related jobs.
  • You have learned and continually upgraded your skills within your field of employment.
  • You have a career plan and understand the place of educational goals within my career plan.
  • You have entrepreneurial experience.

Your educational history:

  • The knowledge and skills that you possess are a result of informal education such as classes taken at a night school or through your employer or non-formal such as hobbies or independent study.
  • You have taken post-secondary education that could not be given direct transfer credit.
  • You have foreign credentials that have not been recognized in Canada which were completed with the past 5 years 


  • You have a credential that could not be given direct transfer credit, the credential is more than five years old but after completing the credential you continued to have learning experiences (employment, volunteerism, continuing professional development activities) in or outside of Canada  reflecting your field of study. 

Your personal history:

  • You have volunteered your skills in the community.
  • You are willing to take time to document your learning and explore ways to have it evaluated.
  • You can provide evidence of your skills and knowledge.

After reading a course outline you have thought one or more of the following things:

  • I’ve done this type of work before.
  • I’m doing this type of work now.
  • I feel comfortable that I already know how to do what is required in the course, but I’m not sure what evidence I can provide to prove it.


How do I get Started?

Student PLAR Steps


Success Stories


Click on a student to view their success story

  Cheryl Dorothy Debra Donna Jean
Faculty Teacher Education Certificate Child and Youth Care Child and Youth Care Child and Youth Care Adult Education
Challenge Method E-Portfolio Practicum PLAR credit for skills, knowledge and abilities she demonstrated that were gained in her regular job


Portfolio Portfolio
  Lorraine Alexandre Dawn Gurpreet Jody
Faculty Nursing

Modern Languages Russian

Adult Education Punjabi

Computer Information Systems

Challenege Method Portfolio Credit for speaking, reading and writing his native language
Portfolio Challenge Exam Challenge Exam
  Paul Peter Wendy    
  Teacher Education Program Adult Education Child and Youth Care    
  E-Portfolio Received 44 credits through program PLAR Portfolio    

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