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Composition Placement Test (CPT)

The Composition Placement Test (CPT) is an English placement test designed to assess writing and grammar skills. The CPT may be used in place of English 12 as a prerequisite for many UFV courses. If you have a final grade of C+ in English 12 or English Literature 12, you do not need to write the CPT in order to register for first-year 100-level English courses. The CPT is provided at a minimal cost and is intended for UFV students and applicants, not the general public. Only active UFV students and applicants are able to register for the CPT. 

Register for the CPT

To write the CPT, register in advance through the Office of the Registrar (OReg) at any UFV main campus.

The $35 fee is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable; however, prior to the exam date, you may switch to another exam sitting at no extra cost.

The CPT may only be written once per semester; however, if your score is between 41 and 47 you will be permitted to write the CPT once more during the same semester. Contact Assessment Services for permission to write the CPT a second time. For more information on CPT scoring, see Interpreting Your Composition Placement Test (CPT) Score.

Most programs or courses require a score of 48 or higher. However, entrance in the Trades department requires a CPT score of 41 with the exception of Trades programs that offer a diploma or degree (including BBA Trades Management, Automation and Robotics Technician diploma, and the Hospitality and Event Post-baccalaureate certificate). For more information, contact the Trades department.

If English is not your first language, you should contact the English Language Studies department before you decide to register for the Composition Placement Test (CPT). The staff there can help you to decide which placement test will best suit your individual needs.


Test dates

You can write the CPT at the Abbotsford, Chilliwack CEP, and Hope campuses. Tests are marked once a month, and you may need to wait up to three (3) weeks for your CPT score. Please be advised that the dates under "Marks Available on myUFV" are approximate dates and may be subject to delays. 

Summer 2024

Abbotsford Campus CPT Test Dates Summer 2024
Date Time CRN Room Marks Available
on myUFV
May 01 1:30–3:30 pm 40067 S3125 Jun 04
May 07 5–7:30 pm 40068 S3125 Jun 04
May 16 9–11:30 am 40069 S3125 Jun 04
Jun 04 1:30–4:00 pm 40070 S3125 Jul 04
Jun 17 5–7:30 pm 40071 S3125 Jul 04
Jun 26 9–11:30 am 40072 S3125 Jul 04
Jul 04 9–11:30 am 40073 S3125 Aug 14
Jul 09 5–7:30 pm 40074 S3125 Aug 14
Jul 16 1:30–4:00 pm 40075 S3125 Aug 14
Aug 15 1:00–3:30 pm 40076 S3125 Sep 04
Aug 20 5–7:30 pm 40078 S3125 Sep 04
Aug 21 9–11:30 am 40077 S3125 Sep 04


Chilliwack Campus CPT Test Dates Summer 2024
Date Time CRN Room Marks Available
on myUFV
May 27 1:30–4:00 pm 40079 CEPA1350 Jun 04
Jun10 5–7:30 pm 40080 CEPA1350 Jul 04
Jul 22 1:30–4:00 pm 40081 CEPA1350 Aug 14
Aug 12 1:30–4:00 pm 40082 CEPA1350 Sep 04


Write the CPT at Hope Centre Campus

The Hope Centre Campus offers CPTs by appointment only. For more information, or to schedule an appointment, visit the Hope Centre website.

Hope Centre CPT
Semester CRN
Summer 2024 20159

Write an out-of-district CPT

To register for an out-of-district CPT, email to receive step-by-step instructions.

Important things to consider:

  1. Requests to write an out-of-district CPT must be received by Assessment Services at least 5 (five) business days before you plan to write the test.
  2. You will need to locate a qualified invigilator - a teacher, counsellor, or similar professional or another institution/testing center. It cannot be a relative, friend, or personal acquaintance.
  3. Prior to registering for the CPT, you must contact Assessment Services to request to write an out-of-district CPT.
  4. After receiving confirmation and instructions from Assessment Services, you can register for the CPT through UFV Office of the Registrar. There is a $50 fee for the exam, plus any other registration fees. Note that you will also be responsible for providing your proctor with a pre-paid courier return envelope. When registering for the Out of District CPT please quote the Course Registration Number (CRN) found in the table below.


Out-of-District CPT
Semester CRN
Summer 2024 20160

What to bring

Prepare for the CPT

How to prepare for the CPT