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Applied and Technical Studies

Professional Cook certificate

UFV is lighting a fire under students' plans for a future as a culinary professional. The Professional Cook program will prepare students for entry into the culinary field. Successful completion of this program will provide students with advanced placement in the apprenticeship program. This program will give students the basic skills that employers are looking for. Students are trained in a professional operating kitchen facing the same demands found in the industry today. 10 months of hands-on training will provide students with "real" situations that will build confidence while developing skills and abilities. Upon completion of this program students will receive credit for SkilledTradesBC PC1 and PC2.

Concurrent studies option

UFV allows secondary school students to complete this program through a concurrent studies model during their Grade 12 year. For more information, students should contact their district/school career counsellor. Students may also contact the UFV Trades & Technology Centre at 604-847-5448 or email

Employment opportunities

After completing the program students will be well on their way and ready for employment in settings ranging from small family-style restaurants to large multinational hotels, health-care institutions, logging camps, oil fields, mining operations, and cruise ships.

All graduates may apply to the provincial apprenticeship office for information regarding credit into the Cooking apprenticeship program. Doing so is strongly recommended.

Entrance requirements

Secondary school graduation is strongly recommended for career success. In addition to UFV’s general university admission requirements, which include the English language proficiency requirement, students must meet the following entrance requirements for admission.

  1. One of the following:
    • B.C. secondary school graduation or equivalent.
    • Mature student status (19 years or older).
  2. One of the following:
    • Completion of any Mathematics 10 (or higher grade) or equivalent (including Foundations of Mathematics, Pre-calculus, Apprenticeship and Workplace Mathematics, MATH 072, or MATH 076) with a grade of C or better.
    • Successful completion of a UFV trades math entrance exam.

    Note: Students who have not been in any schooling for more than three years are strongly advised to take the recommended mathematics assessment test to determine level of preparedness. The assessment test may identify areas that require strengthening to optimize the opportunities for program success. In most cases, upgrading can be taken simultaneously with the program.

  3. One of the following:
    • Completion of English Studies 12 or English First Nations 12 (see Note) with a grade of C or better.

      Note: Students may also present Communications 12, English 12, English Literature 12, English 12 First Peoples, AP English, IB English A (standard level or higher level), or out-of-province equivalent.

    • UFV Accuplacer Reading comprehension score of 80 or better, together with Accuplacer WritePlacer score of 5 or better on the 8-point scale.
    • UFV CPT (Composition Placement Test) — score of 41 or higher.
    • TOEFL iBT score of 80 with no section below 19.
    • Completion of any other test score or course grade listed in the Entry-level post-secondary English language proficiency standards.
  4. Attend a personal interview, during which suitability for (and interest in) the cooking industry will be discussed.

When to apply

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis throughout the year. Qualified applicants are considered for the next intake in which there is space. See Continuous application process for more information.

How to apply

  1. Apply online at Applicants currently in Grade 12 may apply during their Grade 12 year. A statement from the school counsellor or principal, indicating that they are likely to meet graduation requirements by June, must be presented. A transcript showing evidence of meeting the entrance requirements will be required in order to be offered a seat.
  2. Applicants who do not meet the math entrance requirement can book a testing date for the UFV trades math entrance exam online at
  3. Applicants who do not meet the English language entrance requirement will be given the opportunity to meet the English requirement through Adult Basic Education, English Language Studies, and/or the University Foundation certificate.
  4. Read the program description and information carefully. For more information, please contact the Trades & Technology Centre at 604-847-5448 or
  5. Prior to classes starting, applicants will be notified by telephone or email of the registration procedures. Applicants who cannot be reached after three attempts will be removed from the waitlist.

Basis for admission decision

Applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be admitted in order of their application date. This date is set when an application, all required documentation, and the application fee have been submitted.

Fees and additional costs

See the Fees and Other Costs section and the Program-specific fees webpage. Cooking students should also budget for tools, textbooks, and appropriate working apparel. Students will be required to purchase and wear a proper kitchen uniform, and to maintain a clean and neat appearance and a professional image.

Note: A deposit (currently $200) must be paid at the time of registration, which typically takes place three months before the start of the program.

Medical requirement

Students should be able to lift heavy objects and stand for long periods of time in one place. A medical statement from a qualified physician may be required at any time before or during the program. Students will be notified by a UFV official if/when the statement is required.

Dates and attendance requirements

The Professional Cook program runs from mid-August to the end of May.

The Professional Cook program requires continuous attendance to successfully complete all requirements for the program. Students will be expected to attend all classes every week for the duration of the entire program.

Students will be required to work a variety of shifts, Monday through Sunday, (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) to provide for the best learning experience. The instructor will let students know in advance of shift schedules and any changes.

Students must meet the attendance requirements as outlined in their individual program guides. See UFV's Attendance policy (62).


The Professional Cook program is located at the Trades & Technology Centre at the Canada Education Park in Chilliwack. The reception office is open Monday to Friday, 8:30am–4pm.

Program outline

The Professional Cook program begins in mid-August and ends in May. Students will be evaluated in two areas of learning. First, they must show an understanding of the theory by passing a test at the end of each unit studied. Second, students must prove that they have mastered practical skills by meeting an industry-accepted level in the basic skills.

Learning materials may include videotapes, handouts, worksheets, textbooks, and written and verbal instruction. Most of the school day will be spent in the kitchen putting theory to use providing food services for guests. This is an actual working kitchen, so students will be in a "real life" setting from the start.

Training will follow a modular system that starts with the basics and builds and hones students' skills and confidence.

Sample topics

  • Safety and sanitation
  • Knife-handling skills
  • Use and care of equipment
  • Cooking methods
  • Al a carte dining
  • Banquet planning
  • Basic service skills
  • Menu planning and costing

All practical assignments and theory tests must be completed before the final exam, which will be scheduled in May.

Program requirements

Students must complete all requirements with a grade of 70% or better to receive a Credit (CR) grade in order to graduate.

Students who do not receive a Credit (CR) grade in all required areas by May, may apply to their instructor for re-entry into the program. Students who reapply may register as upgrading students and must complete all program requirements no later than June of the following year. See Upgrading section for more details.

Attendance and conduct

Unacceptable academic performance may, at the discretion of the instructor, include poor attendance, slow progress in theory and practical tasks, and/or lack of satisfactory participation in class activities. See UFV's Attendance policy (62).

Applied and Technical Studies students are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, and will be held responsible for their actions, whether acting alone or in group. See UFV's Student Academic Misconduct policy (70) and Safe Student Learning Community policy (204).


Student-initiated withdrawal (discontinuing)

If a student wishes not to continue, they will need to initiate a withdrawal at the Office of the Registrar.

Required to withdraw

Failed grades may result in withdrawal from the program. Students may be required to withdraw from a course or program for failing to comply with attendance, conduct, or program policies, or UFV policies including: Attendance policy (62), Student Academic Misconduct policy (70), Safe Student Learning Community policy (204).


The upgrading program allows those currently or recently employed in the industry to complete their certificate requirements or to become proficient in specific processes or techniques.

An upgrading student will be enrolled for no more than 13 weeks. Upgrading students will not displace anyone registered in the next intake.

Upgrading students are expected to meet program prerequisites through previous enrolment or proof of industry experience approved by the program instructor.


Students who begin a Trades program, but withdraw before completing the program, may contact the department to request re-entry to the program provided their absence is less than two years. Re-entry is conditional based on space availability and instructor permission, and if the curriculum has not changed.

Students who are absent for more than one year will be required to apply for readmission. An application for admission form and application fee will be required.

Graduation requirements

Students must apply for graduation in the first month of their final semester. Visit the Graduation webpage for more information. The final deadline for students who wish to attend the June Convocation ceremony is April 1 of each year.

Current Students